96 well plates, KingFisher™-compatible, 2.2ml square well with round v-bottom, PP, sterile,1 case of 50, cat# 560201


These KingFisherTM-compatible plates are designed to maximize sample recovery with square wells transitioning to round bottom with a v-shape. See below for full description.

AGM Plate Specs

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AGM Plate Specs

KingFisher™ compatible 2.2 ml 96 well deep well plates

  • case of 50 plates  (10 sleeves with 5 plates per sleeve)
  • sterile
  •  Working volume 50μl – 1000 μl
  • Made from a clear polypropylene blend for ultrahigh yield and purity
  • Square to round transition, V-bottom for minimal residual liquid (see image below)
  • Raised rims for heat sealing
  • High chemical and temperature resistance
  • Autoclavable
  • ANSI/SLS footprint
  • Alpha-numeric reference grid for sample storage and tracking
  • Compatible with Thermo KingFisher<sup>TM</sup> Duo Primer, Flex, Apex & Presto (see image below for plate dimensions)
  • Packaged in 6 mil plastic for added security during shipping
  • US-manufactured for your supply chain security
  • HUB-Zone business

For orders larger than 50 cases, please inquire for pricing

Using the most advanced injection molding technology coupled with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary quality control systems, we have designed and constructed these microplates specifically to be compatible with Kingfisher™ systems. These plates are made from the highest quality virgin clear polypropylene to guarantee both low affinity for biomolecules and low leachables. In addition to maximizing yield and purity, we utilize resins designed to improve performance in all downstream processing operations.

Well Transition Detail

Detailed Plate Dimensions
plate dimensions