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Molecular Biology Service Quality

technical quality controlSince 2014, we have worked with large molecular biology projects and research companies, providing them with services designed to consistently ensure excellence in both liquid handling and title=”Well Plate Preparation”]well plate preparation.

Research facilities know they can depend on us to provide identical, highly accurate plates month after month. We understand the variables inherently part of the pipetting process that can affect accuracy. Using innovative technology, we’ve automated the controls to reduce variables and increase consistency.

Our Quality Control Processes

We understand the multitude of factors that impact pipetting accuracy. Using precise scales and gravimetric fill lines, we can track well plates before and after preparation. If we are manufacturing the liquid used in dispensing, we have created a gravimetric manufacturing process including in-line spectrophotometric and equipment, ion conductivity and chromatography, and sodium measurements for off-line QC. Everything is automatically labeled with a barcode, registered and filmed, with manufacturing directions provided to the people involved in the process.

When the process is complete, we have several plate sealing technologies available to protect the product no matter if it’s heat sensitive or not, in addition to specialized liquid dispensing applications.

Our pipetting services also allows for :

Controlling temperature and humidity

For the small volumes of liquid we work with, we do everything in our power to prevent evaporation. Our aseptic packing and filling line controls humidity to 1 percent and dispenses at a temperature right above the freezing mark, while the humidity is controlled through innovative technology that provides microdrops of sterilized, hyperoxygenated water. Our packing and filling area offers improved sterility as the walls, floors, and ceilings are medical grade stainless steel, while our air is cycled through multiple times a minute and filtered using the highest grade HEPA filters on the market.

Prevention of air leaks

Polypropylene pipette tips don’t create an airtight seal to the pipette barrel. That’s why our pipetting system is made from two separate plastics. The plastic in contact with the liquid is standard polypropylene, but the top of the tip is softer and creates a tighter seal with the barrel. This prevents air between the tip and head of the cylinder.

Partial pressures

Pipetting aspirates liquid by creating a vacuum through air displacement. To prevent the air from evaporating liquids, we control the rate the vacuum is developed to optimize the process.

Equipment to Support Quality Control in Well Plate Preparation and Liquid Handling

To achieve the accuracy and consistency our clients seek, we have the following equipment on hand in our stainless steel, refrigerated, humidity-controlled, aseptic lab:

  • An automated gravimetric solution manufacturing facility;
  • Gravimetric fill line with individual sample tracking;
  • In line pH, spectrophotometric, ion conductivity and sodium measurements;
  • Ion chromatography and spectrophotometric equipment for off line Quality Control;
  • Custom solutions for liquid handling
  • Custom plate sealing technologies, including laser welding;
  • Multiple different types of PCR machines, microscopy equipment and custom hyperspectral equipment for both traditional and novel QC metrics;
  • High speed imagining equipment to check for errors in plastics and to ensure individual wells have been correctly filled:
  • Custom barcoding/labeling equipment

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