Well Plate Preparation Quality Control

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Well Plate Preparation Quality Features

Our well plate preparation provides you with the assurance that you’re improving quality in three different aspects of your work:

  1. Technical quality – We have a custom build facility designed to provide the highest quality dispensing possible so you can be confident in our accuracy and precision.
  2. Quality of life and work – From ordering reagents to avoiding repetitive strain injury, we take over the tasks that enable you to focus on your research and outcomes.
  3. Operational scalability and survivability – We have the scale to employ dedicated engineers, redundant robots, and the duplicate staffing to ensure fast turnaround times. We deliver what you want, where and when you need it.

To ensure supply chain reliability and reduce costs, we have invested heavily in raw materials (tubes, plates, etc) as well as equipment to provide post-secondary manufacturing services to produce hard to source supplies. We have also invested heavily in automation both custom and otherwise to ensure redundancy for each step of the process.

We cut down on the transactional friction with a website that allows our customers to develop their own custom products, schedule shipments for different sites worldwide, and order products with deliveries as soon as the next day.

With no minimum order and low per/plate pricing that in many cases is less than your cost to purchase the components individually, there is no reason to waste another minute preparing a substandard plate.

Work Less, Accomplish More

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