Well Plate Preparation Cost Structures

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Well Plate Preparation Cost Structure

The logistics involved in molecular biology is complex and expensive:

  • Customer acquisition costs
  • Payments processing costs
  • Free cash flow
  • Inventory turnover ratios
  • Materials packaging

These all cut into your bottom line, especially the “transactional friction” that comes with logistics in molecular biology. Transactional friction is the direct and indirect costs of every transaction, and can be one of the biggest cost elements in your logistics line item.

Consider the standard PCR reaction. If you purchase your oligos from one vendor, your mastermix from another vendor and your plastics from a third vendor, you have incurred the indirect costs of three different transactions (time, shipping, etc). You may not see it as a line item on your bill but you are paying for that “transactional friction.”

Working with Advanced Genetic Mapping, we reduce your transactional friction and bring down your operating costs.

Lower Material Costs

We get our materials, including well plates, and a significantly reduced rate which we pass on to you.

plate preparation cost reduction1) Payment Terms – All of our materials are purchased both in cash and in advance which allows us to negotiate the best price.
2) Volume – We have deep and established relationships with several large distributors. We are a high volume purchaser of many molecular biology reagents and receive volume discounts which reflect that fact.

Lower Costs for Well Plate Preparation

1) Division Of Labor – Preparing plates involves high skill and low skill tasks. We have enough volume to separate these tasks which lowers our labor cost.
2) Capital Utilization – Automation is either expensive or incomplete. If it is incomplete then high skill people are doing low skill tasks. If it is complete, then you have a large capital expense to amortize. We have enough volume to make the amortization economics for complete automation work.
3) Automation – We have unique higher throughput, lower cost solutions than competing market approaches. We have designed our automation to be both higher quality and lower complexity than current market approaches.

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