Well Plate Preparation

Well Plate Preparation Services that will Lower Your Costs and Provide a Fast Turnaround Time.

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Optimizing Well Plate Preparation

Whether you need laboratory logistics services or traditional logistics solutions, our custom technology lets us remove the mundane obstacles and streamline the process, saving you time and money while ensuring greater accuracy.

Well Plate Preparation and Laboratory Logistics

plate preparation servicesOur services are customizable based upon your unique specifications, including:

  • Adding enzyme or media into plates or containers
  • Customized labeling or adding bar codes to specific plates or containers
  • Scheduled deliveries for unlimited locations
  • No minimum or maximum plate preparation order
  • 24-hour turnaround time

Best of all, we offer lower costs and provide you with higher quality and improved outcomes.

Traditional Logistics

We understand that consistency between laboratories can, over time, be difficult to achieve. That’s why, in addition to well plate preparation, we offer traditional logistics solutions. We can improve the outcomes of your supply chain. To reduce the possibility of lab to lab variations in plate preparation, we will ship whatever you want wherever and whenever you schedule it, while our cold storage for prepared plates mitigates the risk of lot-to-lot variations in sensitive reagents. .

Process Optimization

More than just assay optimization, we can design solutions that optimize downstream and automated processes. We work with a broad variety of supplies and can even upgrade your supplies, such as coating plastics with polymers that improve automation performance.

Well Plates We Prepare

We prepare all plates from all manufactures with a focus on the plates listed below:

  • 24 Well Plates
  • 12 Well Plates
  • 6 Well Plates

Fluid Types

We work with several types of fluids, including:

  • Buffer
  • Enzyme
  • Oligos
  • Media
  • Stabilization Solution

Fluid Amounts

We work with highly precise amounts without issue, including:

  • 1 (µL)
  • 2 (µL)
  • 4 (µL)
  • 5 (µL)
  • 9 (µL)
  • 10 (µL)
  • 50 (µL)
  • 100 (µL)
  • 220 (µL)

Benefits of Well Plate Preparation

Outsourcing your well plate preparation and other services offers numerous benefits to your team and your business. Learn more about the benefits of well plate preparation, including:


Our large volume, cash purchases allow us to get the best rates for pricing, while our automation processes let us work through more well plates in less time, without sacrificing accuracy and precision.


Not only will you see improved quality control through higher levels of accuracy, you’ll see an improved quality of life. Rather than doing your well plate preparation manually, leading to higher risk of muscle fatigue and joint injury, we automate the actions. That automation also allows us to [link id=343 title="Supply Chain Optimization"]scale up our production without our quality of work suffering,


Work Less, Accomplish More

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