Assay Optimization

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Assay Optimization Services

We specialize in streamlining processes, lowering costs, and providing unmatched precision and accuracy in microbiology services. By working with us to optimize your assay design, you’ll experience several key benefits:

Improved data

  1. Process optimization assay design

    Our chemistry-based improvements include using agents to reduce the sample settling rate, improve the consistency of sample polymers, and using polymers to coat the plastics and reduce adhesion to walls of the well plates.

  2. Manufacturing-based improvements to improve accuracy and consistency in pipettes. Read more about those improvements in ourtechnical quality improvements section.
  3. Standardize reagents and plastics across customer lots and locations

Reduced downstream labor costs

  1. Specialized stickers reduce labor costs by both design and function
  2. Polymer coated plastics to reduce labor cost of getting sample collection solution to the bottom of the tube

Improved supply chain

  1. Manufacture of adaptors and robots to increase the number of possible suppliers for “bottlenecked” components. For example, we have the processing equipment required to package non-sterile plastics for sterilization
  2. Development of manufacturing tools and processes for secondary manufacturing, including transforming commodity plastics into higher value plastics.

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