Molecular Biology Services

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Molecular Biology Services

We offer several molecular biology services to help you streamline your processes and reduce costs, including:

Why Use Our Molecular Biology Services?

We specialize in laboratory logistics so labs like yours can focus on the discoveries, innovation, and solutions involved in your work. We use proprietary technology in our services to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase quality.


When we purchase supplies, we buy in large quantities and pay in cash.  This reduces our costs to purchase the materials and assemble them, and costs much less than it does for you to purchase the materials on your own. Using innovative automation, we’re able to increase efficiency of our workflow and reduce the time-equity it takes for well-plate preparation and other services.


Our services improve your Quality of life by saving you time and reducing your risk of repetitive-motion induced injury while increasing the technical quality and operational improvements of your lab processes.

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