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Advanced Genetic Mapping

Over the course of the past twenty years, the cost of genetic sequencing has fallen faster than any other cost in recorded history – in 2000, the average cost for genetic sequencing was 300 million dollars. Today, it averages less than $1500.

However, the economics associated with applying sequencing information in a genetic selection process have not dropped at the same rate.  That’s where we come in – Advanced Genetic Mapping is dedicated to developing processes and technologies capable of decreasing the costs associated with large scale application of genetic selection.  We are passionate about developing innovative ways of handling liquids and processing light.

Since we launched our molecular biology service providing company in 2014, we have provided well plate preparation services for some of the largest molecular biology projects in the world.  We have developed the infrastructure, technology, and skill sets that enable us to pipette accurately, rapidly and at scale.   We have also developed new ways of processing light.  Our abilities on both fronts have enabled us to develop a ]dPCR approach which rivals qPCR in incremental cost and throughput while simultaneously having lower starting costs. We are also developing a SNP genotyping/fine genetic mapping approach which has the potential to be lower cost both incrementally and start up than any other approach on the market.

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