The physical steps of handling biological samples remain fundamentally unchanged since they were first introduced nearly 40 years ago. Sample throughput has increased from single tubes, to 8 well strips, to 96 well plates, to 384 well plates and beyond. The data obtained per a sample has increased even more dramatically.

Nothing however has fundamentally changed about the physical process of handling liquid samples in the lab. Sample collection is still viewed as separate from DNA extraction; DNA extraction is processed independently from PCR. Integration between the steps is partial at best; automation is an afterthought. It is not surprising that as the field of molecular biology has matured, the implicit and unremarkable costs like the labor of processing a sample in the traditional fashion have come to dominate the total final cost.

We have re-imagined molecular biology from sample collection to data generation and analysis in ways that reduce cost and increase throughput.

Laboratory Logistics & Plate Preparation

You are experts at science. We are experts at removing the mundane obstacles which separate you from your research objectives. For four years, we have been providing well plate preparation and other services for some of the largest molecular biology projects in the world.

To serve our high volume customers, we have developed our own proprietary robotics and custom processes to provide what we believe is the highest quality, highest throughput plate preparation processes in the world. This efficiency, combined with the large volume of plastics we use, enables us to provide pre-filled plates for lower costs than what you would pay for the plastics and reagents individually while seeing a quality that simply can not be replicated outside of a specialized production facility.
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96 well plate

Digital PCR

We have designed a new high throughput low cost option for dPCR. Our platform enables us to provide the same quality of data that one would obtain from a traditional dPCR with incremental cost and throughput equivalent to traditional qPCR.

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We use our dPCR approach coupled with our robotics to dramatically reduce the cost of determining a transgene. Samples are processed in less than 48 hours. For more information please feel free to contact us.

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Fine Genetic Mapping


We are developing a genetic mapping suite of technologies which will enable users to sequentially and automatically change assays for a specific sample within a genetic mapping project.

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fine Genetic Mapping

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